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Erik Redse
President, D.A. Pope, Inc., Foster City CA

Pelican Plumbers is completely dependable. No matter how big or small the job, from outfitting a new industrial facility to updating an office break room, I know that if Raul tells me something will be taken care of, I don’t need to worry about it. The work is done right — I can count on it. Subcontractors like Pelican Plumbers enable me to deliver the highest quality work to my clients, time and again. Thank you, Raul!!

Nancy Bailey
Homeowner, Berkeley CA

I highly recommend Pelican Plumbers. I did extensive remodeling on a large, old house in the Berkeley Hills. Raul basically redid all the plumbing – sewer, gas, and water. In spite of all the quirks of an old house, the plumbing work went smoothly and it all passed inspections without a hitch. Plus it was a pleasure to work with Raul. He always made an effort to understand what I wanted and then make it happen.

David Hoge
Landlord & Property Manager, Berkeley & Oakland CA

Pelican Plumbers — honest and reliable. I've owned and managed residential and commercial income property for decades. My old rolodex has just a handful of good plumbers.  I call Pelican Plumbers first.

Ted Mayer
Homeowner, Oakland CA

Pelican Plumbers sure came through. When I bought my house, it needed it a lot of work — especially plumbing. My new neighbors spoke highly about their plumber, Raul Delgado, and they were right. Raul re-plumbed my whole house. He replaced all the galvanized water supply lines with copper, replaced drain lines for two bathrooms and a kitchen, and converted a small bedroom into a third bathroom. He also replaced all the old rusty gas lines, installed a new water heater and all the bathroom faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers. The quality of the work is great. Raul is conscientious and straightforward. He kept me well-informed of the job situation, worked with me to do things right and still keep the costs under control. When friends ask me if I know a good plumber, I am happy to tell them call Pelican Plumbers.

Zach Sherry
Homeowner, El Cerrito CA

When we need plumbing work done, we call Pelican Plumbers. We originally called Raul to run a water line in our kitchen. We were very happy with the quick turnaround and the responsive and honest service we received. With plans for a permitted bathroom addition, we decided to hire him to do the extensive work involved. It was all completed in a code compliant, hassle free, timely fashion. Now we're looking forward to having Raul complete plumbing in a lower unit remodel over the next year.

EliseoEric PorterDino